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Apr 01, 2014 at 11:29 PM

Invoice not getting blocked for payment at MIRO


Hello All,

I am facing a strange issue , the invoice not getting blocked for payment after i post the invoice through MIRO even though i am getting a warning below at the time posting .

I have attached the screen shots. Any inputs will be appreciated.


Price too high (tolerance limit of 1.00 % exceeded)

Message no. M8083


The invoice price (value invoiced divided by the quantity invoiced) varies too greatly from the net order price.


The category of this message can be changed in Customizing for Invoice Verification. This means that you can receive a message as an error message even though it is defined as a warning message in the standard system.
The following documentation deals with the case applicable to the standard system only.

System Response

The system has established that the value invoiced exceeds the expected price (quantity invoiced * net order price) by more than the tolerance for price variances (1.00 %) set in the Customizing system.

When you post the invoice, the system blocks the invoice with the blocking reason "price variance".


Check what you have entered and make any necessary corrections. If you post the document in spite of the variance, the system will post the document and effect the associated account movements. However, the document is also flagged with a block indicator, which prevents it from being paid.