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Apr 01, 2014 at 03:39 PM

Calculating Total sum on rolling sum...


Good Afternoon,

I have a calculation question on a webi report. What I am trying to do is produce a rolling - total sum (year to date $) based off my total sales all dimension for each period. So for example I have the following on my report

So I start with Period 1 my YTD would read 186,290.49. If I add period 2 onto my report I still want to see the individual Total Sales All amounts by adding the 2nd period on would change the YTD column for BOTH rows to 538,780.60. If I added a 3rd period of 256,456.20, my YTD column would then read 795,236.80. I do not want the Total Sales All or Periods to change...just the YTD Sales Column. I have tried a runningsum formula, but it shows the total sum with prior period added, which I want to avoid.

So with just one period:

Period (Month) Total Sales All YTD Sales

1 186,290.49 186,290.49

with period 2 added

Period (Month) Total Sales All YTD Sales

1 186,290.49 538,780.60

2 352,490.11 538,780.60

With period 3 added...

Period (Month) Total Sales All YTD Sales

1 186,290.49 795,236.80

2 352,490.11 795,236.80

3 256,456.20 795,236.80

and so forth. Is this possible? Any help is appreciated!!!

Thank you,