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Apr 01, 2014 at 03:13 PM

How to send Standard SC fields in SRM to a PO in R/3


Dear All ,

Please can some one let me know on how to send the Limit Item SC Start date and end date which is at the line item level (already)

to a PO at the line item level . i.e we do not need to enhance the screen just include it in the BAPI which sends data to the backend .

I tried searching for more docs yet did not find anything much .

I found out there is a class CL_BBP_BS_ADAPTER_PO_CRT_ERP10 where CREATE_DOCUMENT decides what fields would be passed .. In that there is a FM which is being called from ECC .. and in that there is header and header X field ..which has the fields which I need VPER start and end date I am assuming from the SC it is passed to header level of PO through this ..


DESTINATION av_rfc_dest


poheader = as_po_out-is_poheader "#EC ENHOK

poheaderx = as_po_out-is_poheaderx

Now I want the same fields to be passed to item level of the PO .. could you confirm on what exactly I should do ?I saw the below tables not sure what I should do with them to include the 2 fields I want which should be passed to ECC it is not in the it_poitem and it_poitemx structures .

please advise ... .


poitem = as_po_out-it_poitem "#EC ENHOK

poitemx = as_po_out-it_poitemx "#EC ENHOK

extensionin = as_po_out-it_extensionin "#EC ENHOK

* extensionout = as_po_out-it_extensionout "not used by SRM

poexpimpitem = as_po_out-it_poexpimpitem "#EC ENHOK

poexpimpitemx = as_po_out-it_poexpimpitemx "#EC ENHOK

potextheader = as_po_out-it_potextheader "not used by SRM

* popartner = as_po_out-it_popartner "not used by SRM

I am not sure if what I have searched is correct as well Please let me know if I am wrong and where to check for the requirement .


pastedImage_1.png (43.6 kB)
pastedImage_9.png (43.7 kB)