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Apr 01, 2014 at 01:24 PM

ABAP WebDynPro Application : Refresh (F5) issue



We have developped an application on WEB Dynpro which is like a CRM application. This application will be use by many people around the world. Like a e-commerce site. So, it's very difficult to know the concurrent users we will have in a timeframe.

The issue is that if the user press on F5 touche to refresh the page within the browser, that's open a new session of the user on our SAP Servers. This session is not running but it uses memory.

I heard that the issue was about Internet Explorer 8 release but, when I refresh on Chrome browser I get the same issue : new session opened !!!

So, as the F5 touch is often use by the people, I expect a lot of these 'dead' session. That's raise a risk about stability and performance of our SAP Servers.

Have you a solution to resolve this behaviour?