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Apr 01, 2014 at 08:50 AM

copy from one from to another form..


hi. i have two forms...

form1 customizaiton from form2 sales order.

Form one i selct one itme it is having bill of materals 4 items the parent item type is tempalte at bill of materials

which means onece u slect parent item child items bill of materials are comming automatically.

form1 sales order

item1 copy to sales order item1

item2 child item of item1

item3 child item of item1

item4 child item of item1



are comming.

after item1 i put bubullevent = false

but it is not stopping.

after item1 b1 is doing it's own functionality..

how can i solve this one...

oMatrix.GetCellSpecific("1", oMatrix.RowCount).Value = oMatrix_1.GetCellSpecific("V_12", i).Value

If i = 1 Then

bubbleevent = False

End If