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Apr 01, 2014 at 08:20 AM

SAVE DATA (TS17900108) record should get update with user ID not with WF-BATCH


Hi Experts,

We are working various HCM processes and form (e.g. Hire, Rehire, Change in Salary) for every process we have a workflow template attached to it.

Recently we have received a common requirement in workflow for all the processes as follows-


Processes can be initiated by Manager or HR admin.

Condition 1- If manager initiates the process it should go to HR Admin for approval- this is working fine, we have used task TS17900100

Condition 2- If HR admin initiates the process then data should get update without any approval- for this we have used task SAVE DATA (TS17900108)

To achieve this we have inserted a Condition check in workflow which takes control to appropriate branch after checking the initiator condition as Manager(HRASRB) or HR Admin(HRASRA).

Everything is working perfect except following problem-

When data gets update with Condition- 1 it creates record in infotype with the USER ID of HR Admin who has approved the process.

but with Condition- 2 it creates record in infotype with USER ID- WF-BATCH because we are using background task SAVE DATA (TS17900108).

I know that Background task will always update data with WF-BATCH.

Is there any solution for this where the record will get update with HR Admin's USER ID and not with WF-BATCH fulfilling above requirement?