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Nov 15, 2005 at 07:32 AM

Module Pool



I am working on some enhancement to existing module pool program.

I need to save the changes the user has made on screen nos 100 and 200.

So when the user has pressed the SAVE button i am calling a subroutine which carries out the

update task.

I am using the same subroutine for both screens since these infos needs to saved together.

I am using sy-datar system variable to check whether the user has made any changes.

For screen 100 it is working fine.

For screen 200 it is not working even though i entered some entries.

I dont know what is the exact problem?

Shall i check my changes with my own flag or is it possible to achive through sy-datar for any number of screens?

Note: I have checked in my own programs with mulitple screens it is working fine!!

Kindly advice,