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Mar 31, 2014 at 08:18 PM

Asset validation error GGB0 / OACV


Dear all,

I'm trying to create an asset validation. Actually it is working, but not as expected.

The validation done in GGB0 and OACV should block all asset Master data fields whenever ANLA-ORD41 = 'ALIE'.

Problem is: If I go to other folders in AS02, which has the validation activated (thus does Not allow changes), the system gets stuck in that MD folder, even if I do not try to change anything. It got stuck and I can not remove the ANLA-ORD41 = 'ALIE' anymore.

Also as soon as I set in AS02 the ORD41 = 'ALIE' the system takes me to the folder which has the validation active (ex. General Data) with an error message and I have no option but to leave the AS02 t.code.

The valition is like below (GGB0):



Error message

I expect to be able to always change ORD41, but the other fields should be block to changes (of all MD tabs/folders)