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Mar 31, 2014 at 03:20 PM

atom0 stuck in queue


Hello All:

I have process that complete all step within the scenario but stay in message in process in the message log. Also it creates a Q.PRQ_QS in the queue monitor that doesn't go away under S. streams. This is a scenario step with internal queue inbound and B1iSQL as outbound.

Similar I also have these Q.PRQ.Fli step that does everything but wouldn't close the message. Because, I am assuming this queue stuck in the queue monitor.

Message simply has output of atom0 from the scenario step. But it doesn't get processed. I am wondering if I am doing anything wrong here


- < Payload Role =" R " id =" atom0 " pltype =" xml " >

< b1im_skip xmlns =" " msglog =" true " info =" " />



I have checked there are no IPO step inactive another than the AuditControl. Which I've been told is ok!

Any help is appreciated!

Sincerely Yours