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Mar 31, 2014 at 02:54 PM

Very poor performance of IDM-UI Todo-Tab



We are observing very poor performance of the IDM UI ToDo tab.

I sometimes takes about 10min++ to generate the list of open approvals. If the list is generated at all.

Can anybody describe how the list ist generated?

I would like to know which Views/SPs/Requests the UI is sending to the database to generate the list of open approvals.

Maybe I can track down the bottleneck....

Some further informations:

- We are not using the pending-Value approval mechanism! We are generating entries that are representing request. Thes request objects then are processed within a workflow that contains approval-steps. For each approval step an ACL is defined.

The ACLs used for the approvals are not the root of the performance problems, I am relatively sure about this.

- We are using IDM 7.2 SP7 and MS SQLServer DB.

- We have about 3500 open approvals.