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Mar 31, 2014 at 12:14 PM

List Screen is not being skipped in Hybrid app in SUP


Dear all,

I have to skip list screen and display detail screen directly when list contains one item.I have made changes in Custom.js file as follows.

//hwc.customConditionalNavigation = function(currentScreenKey, actionName, defaultNextScreen, conditionName, workflowMessage)


function customConditionalNavigation(currentScreenKey,

actionName, defaultNextScreen, conditionName, workflowMessage) {

if ((currentScreenKey === 'Start') && (actionName === 'Get_Price'))


if (conditionName === 'ONE_ROW')


var values = workflowMessage.getValues();

var m = workflowMessage.serializeToString();

var expenseTracking =


var etList = expenseTracking.getValue();

var count = etList.length;

if (count == 1)


var etRow1 = etList[0];


return true;




else if (conditionName === 'MANY_ROWS') {

return false; //ie do the normal navigation which is to go to the listview screen


return false;


where My MBO name is"Material_Get_Price"

But still it is not working.All the time List is coming.