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Mar 30, 2014 at 10:55 AM

SRM: UOM missmatch issue in PR replication and PO/contract Creation


Dear Experts,

I am facing once issue related to UOM in SRM. The issue is describe below

We are having classic scenario and using PI.

1. If a PR having material with UOM having a different ISO code, for eg

if Material A is having Base Unit of measure as Nos and Nos is having ISO code EA.

while replicating PR always EA (ISO COde) is getting passed through PI with material data and ending up with error: Mismatch with XML and SRM UOM.

2. Similarly if I am trying to create PO/Contract from SRM to ECC, with a material having base unit which is having different ISO code,

Always ISO code is passed to ECC through PI. It is ending with error finally in ECC.

Altough in both the cases Material is maintained with same UOM in both the system.

Request you to please help me in resolving this issue. Thanking you in advance.

Thanks and Regards,