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Mar 30, 2014 at 08:56 AM

Data not Loading in DataSource in BW from target Table in DS


Hi Folks,

Lately i tried to modify (by adding a column) in the Data Services and executed Batch Job. I am able to see the changes in target table with data in the Data Services Designer Target table.

But when i am trying to update or re create a new DataSource in BW it is unable to show the updated number of columns in the DataSource in BW.

Necessary steps taken :

1. I did delete the target table and again executed the batch job just in case. In the target table options delete data from table before loading is unchecked and drop and recreate table is checked.

2. In BW side the RFC is checked and it is working properly. Also checked via ping. Also newly created DataSource to check if it is working but it is ain't.


A Junaid