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Mar 29, 2014 at 10:11 AM

Problem facing during recording of QP01 in SHDB


Hi All

My requirement is to mass upload of inspection plan and for this i am thinking of using BDC.

But while doing recording in SHDB i am facing the following problem during MIC entry against operation in characteristic overview screen.

1-Selected one operation and went for characteristic overview screen.

2-In the field of MIC i have selected one MIC by F4 search , then entered.

3-Now a window opens where the same MIC , plant and version no exists.In the same window also another field asks for inspection method which is not required in my case.(Screen shot attached).

4-To avoid this i just closed the window then windows for control indicators displayed.After entered the control indicator details system asks for Characteristic description.

5-After completing the above step system asks me to fill Quant data.

6-After completing step-5 the page of characteristic overview screen appears in which MIC which was entered in step-2 is not seen.

7-Now the above processes gets repeated and not able to enter MIC.

Did some google but not getting any appropriate solution.Please let me know if i am following any wrong step or the above steps can be avoided by any other method.


D Mohanty


MIC 1.jpg (103.5 kB)