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Mar 28, 2014 at 11:53 PM

MB56 issue


Dear All:

We are fancing a problem in MB56 for traceability, if we search the traceability for a Finished material specific batch in TOP DOWN ANALYSIS the report display a lot of batches and is very complicated to search the right batch for each semi finished and raw material.


Finished material 328256

Semi finished material 220651

Semi finished material 211911

Raw material 115299

For finished materials semi finished materiales and raw material we create a batch ID for each pallet example FM 328256 each pallet 280 pce and Semi finished material 220651 1,000 pce each pallet. So the production order have a lot of batches for the produced material.

If I check the MB56 report (I guess take into account all the batches used in each production order) is necessary to search with the time stamp for the movement to find the right batch and later go down for the tree.

View of MB56

To produce Finished material 328256 batch 200538897 I need only 35 pce of Semi finished material 220651, but the report display 3 batches: 2 for 1,000 pce and one of 591 pce, but I only use 35 pce.

If I expand the tree the situation is worst because now several batches are displayed for each semi finished material and raw material

Note: We create a batch ID for each pallet to identify the pallet with barcode scanning, and make movements and consumption with this solution.

Could you please help how to avoid the display of several batches in the tree structure.

Thanks Antonio Martinez


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image 10.JPG (121.2 kB)