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Mar 28, 2014 at 05:59 PM

DSO Activation Error


Dear all,

When I try to active the DSO, I met this error: Value '20032013' for characteristic 0DATE is no plausible, please see the picture below:

I have searched and read some discussions but I didn't find any way to resolve my issue. And I tried modify the Transformation between PSA and DataStore Object: I modified the rule that assign field FIDUE to 0NETDUEDATE by write a routine, but it didn't work; DSO activation still has error.

The rule before modified:

and the rule after modified:

Detail of the routine: I use the Function Module DATE_CHECK_PLAUSIBILITY to check date format of field FIDUE before assign to 0NETDUEDATE.

Please help me find the solution. Thanks you very much.

Tan Van Manh

P/S: Sorry if the discussion post double.


rule_details.png (108.4 kB)