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Mar 28, 2014 at 09:31 AM

HCM P & F - Updating into infotypes in background


Hi All,

This is regarding HCM process & forms workflows.

Here we have two intiators like HRADMIN & MANAGER.

Initially we designed workflow as a Dialog task for both HRADMIN & Manager for approvals, After approval User ID of HRADMIN / MANAGER will get updated “changed by” (UNAME) field for all info types.

As per the new requirement, in workflow we have removed Dialog task for HRADMIN and placed a Background task ( to skip approval ), Here User ID ’WF-BATCH’ is getting updated “changed by”(UNAME) field for all info types. But as per the client, in background task while updating infotypes it should be as HRADMIN ID not WF-BATCH.

Please let me know that how do we acheive this scenario.

Thank you

With Regards,

Praveen Reddy

9618 672 671