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Mar 28, 2014 at 08:57 AM

Sap B1 Through the Static Ip is it possible..



I need a small information..

normlly we care putting Server and No of clients in one lan and no of clients are accessing the server by using lan

at the time of installing clietns we are comminicating the server doing. This is normal scenario..

Now i need wan like lan .. is it possible..

No of clients should be access the server (b1 server) in diff locations not in lan diff places in india.

is it possible ... i think it is possible..

i need your opinion.. and suggestions..

i have some questions..

definately i need server machine and one static ip..

1 server (b1 server) -> static ip....

20 clients(each uses is having each licence lke i want to buy 20 indirect licences) are communicating sap b1 server....

->my question is how many ips should i take 20 are only 1 static ip..

->In normal scenario at the time of client installing we are giving server ip or servername..ok.

but in my wan connection at the time of client installation time what is the servername is static ip is the server name.

-> in 20 client pc installations should i give the same ip....

-> if at a time 20 user if login any thing will happen (i will take 20 licences for each user.)

i need your valuable answer...

(i know one conecpt is thee clund but i dont want to user that method. i need normal method..)