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Mar 28, 2014 at 06:13 AM

Payslip should be available on portal immedialty after Live payroll run


Hi all,

I have a requirement.

My Client's current system behaving as follows, once the run live payroll of an employee every end of period (last day of the month) payslip will be triggering in Employee's ESS - Portal,

But now they want to change it as, When they run Live payroll immediately Payslip should appear in Emp's ESS - Portal,

Ex : So far after they run payroll, payslip display in ESS - Portal only on 30th of every month,(end of period)

But, last night they ran Live payroll (27.03.2014), and now they want the payslip should display in ESS- Portal 27th night itself. (immediately after run payroll).

Kindly suggest solution to achieve this scenario.

Warm Regards