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Nov 14, 2005 at 05:30 PM

Issues with BP for CRM 4.0 60.1


Hi All,

I wanted to import the .epa file of the BP for CRM 4.0 60.1 in my sneak preview java edition server.The import went well without any error.I can see the roles & worksets etc.But when I logged off the portal and logged in as admin it said user authentication failed.I restarted the J2EE server,The server did not come up at all.The J2EE instance jcontrol.exe is in yellow state.previously also I had the same problem.All I did was un-installed my sneak preview and re-installed it.It i do so I am losing all my other EP development works which I did.

My key questions are:-

1)Why this particular BP for CRM4.0 alone is not getting imported properly.

2)I have read that they are support packages for the above package.I tried in Service market place,SDN etc but was not able to trace it.Do anybody give the exact loaction of the support package.or can anybody mail me support the .epa file

3)Am I am doing anything wrong while importing the BP for CRM 4.0 60.1?

Helpful answers will be rewared asap.


Narayanan B