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Nov 14, 2005 at 04:56 PM

Help needed on SQL query...



I have the following SQL statement...I want to know how do I join table 1 to table 2 and table 1 to table 3 when

mseg is table 1

mkpf is table 2

zmigo_extend is table 3

The below statment is syntactically wrong..Please give me the correct way to right the INNER join between 3 tables...

SELECT amatnr awerks agpla awart

amenge admbtr bbudat ctxjcd INTO TABLE


FROM mseg AS a INNER JOIN mkpf AS b ON amblnr = bmblnr zmigo_extend AS c INNER JOIN ON amblnr = cmblnr

WHERE a~matnr IN so_matnr

AND b~budat IN so_budat

AND a~werks IN so_werks

AND a~lgpla IN so_lgpla

AND a~bwart IN so_bwart

AND c~txjcd IN so_txjcd.