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Nov 14, 2005 at 01:30 PM

Pbm in File adapter..Post Sp14



I have a strange pbm with my fileadapter after SP14..Normally without File content conversion, the adapter works fine and is able to send the XML message to Integration engine..But in a Content conversion mode(from a delimited flat file), I dont see any message in the adapter engine nor the integration engine..

In the RWB adapter monitor I just see this msg,

Sender Adapter v2300 for Party '', Service 'FileSender':

Configured at 2005-11-14 15:10:54 EET


- 2005-11-14 15:25:54 EET: Polling interval started. Length: 60.000 s

- 2005-11-14 15:25:54 EET: Processing finished successfully

- 2005-11-14 15:25:54 EET: Processing started

- 2005-11-14 15:24:54 EET: Polling interval started. Length: 60.000 s

- 2005-11-14 15:24:54 EET: Processing finished successfully

which is the minute-by-min polling trace.

I am not able to capture the error or success message for the file picked up anywhere?? Source file has disappeared from the directory.There is no entry in message monitor for adapter engine and integration engine.neither do i see any in SXMB_MONI..Where could the msg go???

I dont see any msgs being stuck in the queue too..


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