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Mar 26, 2014 at 03:58 PM

Rearranging the Product Hierarchy nodes


Dear Experts,

I have been posting this issue on various blogs including SAP community Network but not able to get any solid solution and hoping to have any answer this time, here is my issue.

We have Two location s(US and Canada) and both locations are using same product hiererachy for their reporting need but now Canada has different requirement as far as hierarchy structure and its nodes are concerned and the way the reports are being presented to them.

Our hierarchy is built on 0material, please note that 0material contains attribute values that are associated with the material number and these values are loaded from ECC.

Our Sales and CRM reporting BEx queries do not use standard SAP hierarchy to display a material's product hierarchy, INSTEAD the Sales and CRM reporting BEx queries use a flattened material product hierarchy that is stored as attribute in the master table 0material.

Some of the attributes (for example. 0PRODH1) are loaded from the Material master table in ECC. Some of the attributes are loaded from the table ZMAT_CLAS which is loaded from the Material Classification table in ECC. The Material Table in ECC is tied to the Material Classification table in ECC by material number, and both are maintained by MasterFiles.

The product hierarchy is stored at the material level for reorg purposes. For example, if a sub-category moves to a different category, the material master table in BW is updated (daily) for every material containing that sub-category.

As far as solution for Canada specific hierarchy, I am thinking to make a copy of existing hierarchy into BW which is built on 0material and rearrange the nodes in copied hierarchy for Canada specific and then create a Hierarchy variable on the front end for Canadian users.

Can anyone please let me know the following:

1. What impact will it create on existing US hierarchy (if any).

2. What kind of maintainance and support is involved in the BW system once I copy the existing hierarchy for Canada.

3. Do I need to write any ABAP code such as Functional Module to automate the daily loading, if Yes, where do I write this code as I am not ABAPer but need to get his help. (any Abap syntax or code help will be appreciated).

4. Is it possible to achieve this without writing ABAP code.

5. I want to create a technical design to present it to my team, what are the pros and cons of this apprach, please advise.

I will really apprecaite your reply, Thanks.