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Mar 25, 2014 at 09:27 PM

Problem with Guard Condition (Fields Disabling)


Hi All

I have a screen where I am creating a notification... so I enter all my fields and data as below:

If ALL fields are filled out then the call to my RFC will create the notification and pass back a notification number (EX_QMNUM)

I then pass back EX_QMNUM to the input of my READ_S1 RFC. Since we have a custom table attached I thought it was best to retrieve the latest data from the database after point of save.

However if they don't fill in the necessary criteria then I pop up an error (EG. Please fill in customer number). I put a GUARD CONDITION on the call back to the READ_S1 RFC. The guard seems to work as my breakpoint/RFC does not get hit... however it then CLEARS my fields and DISABLES everything. This is what it looks like after the save (with guard condition in place). This means I lose all my data and no save occurs.

What am I doing wrong here? Is this a bug with the guard condition?

Guard Condition (which seems to be working apart from the fact it disables my RGA fields)

I'm not completely sure about IF conditions so let me know if this is wrong?


beforesave.jpg (15.0 kB)
aftersave.jpg (11.9 kB)
formdesign.jpg (46.8 kB)