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Mar 25, 2014 at 09:11 AM

PB 11.5.1 application crash due to Win8 touchscreen


Hi, PB application - runs fine on absolutely all windows versions, but on Win8 with touchscreen, it produces a generic "xxxxx.exe has stopped working error" when tabbing or clicking into the field.

I found a confirmation of this on stackoverflow topic, where the problem was described as:

"We have serious issues with running a PB10 application on Windows 8 computers.

Application runs fine until user enters text in datawindow fields, the application "stopped working". The problem is that it happens randomly, 10 fields can be entered without a problem but at the next field the "stopped working" pops up en the application is closed the next time it might happen after entering 2 fields."

However, the original author also added a while later that this is only due to Win8 Touch Screens:

"We finally found the issue. The problem only occurs on computers with a touch screen. By disabling the Touch Keyboard service the PB program runs perfect"

Obviously, disabling Touch Keyboard service is the suggested solution, but I just wondered has anyone else found alternative solutions (apart from migrating to newer Powerbuilder)? Would running the application in "compatibility mode" with a previous version of Windows maybe do it?