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Nov 14, 2005 at 04:26 AM

Doubt : What is the Exact use of Product/SWCV in an integration process?


Hi XI Gurus,

The XI Documentation(Regarding SWCV) says "All design work is organised By SWCV.This makes sense, as interface logically belongs to a Software component Version"


What is the Exact Use/Role of Product/SWCV in an integration process? - Is it ONLY for DOCUMENTATION purpose? ie., to just understand the underlying Software used ? OR DOES it have a Technical say in the way the Business System behaves ?.


What will happen if I create a junk Product(I mean something Meaningless), a junk SWCV BUT while creating a Technical System(I choose Type as WEB AS) BASED on the Junk Product/SWCV ,I give VALID hostname etc...I then create a Business System with data valid data .

Now i have created a TS & BS with Valid HOSTNAME & CLIENT etc. BUT based on the junk Product/Junk SWCV.

NOW in integration dir.,will i be able to configure this Business System as Service for Sending IDOCS/FILE(or anything for that matter)?

If It will work then That means The product/SWCV IS ONLY for documentation purpose.Please rply in detail !


When I import the junk SWCV INTO the IntegrationRepository

& choose import of RFC/IDCOC & give valid connection details to a SAP System , Will it import the RFC Regardless of the Junk SWCV I am using ??


Business System A(Sender) : SAP R/3(For Example)

Business System B(Receiver) : APO (For Example)

ASSUMPTION : Business system A & B have DIFFERENT SWCV.

Now Which Business System's SWCV do I import in my Integration Repository ?The Sender's or Reciever's ?

and Why ??

It would be great if anyone can help me out.