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Nov 13, 2005 at 06:02 AM

Solution inside: For all that has problem with Phase 18, please read...


I found the solution!!! after retries so many times and wasted so many hours hoping that the phase 18 is going to finish in 8-10 hours... it's easy solution and i hit my head several times because i am so dumb not thinking about it.

You NEED SDK 1.4.2_08! 1.4.2_10 will not work! I click the link to 1.4.2_08 from the installation documentation, and I only see the 2_10 version... so since it is 1.4.2 release... i thought well.. it'll do... NOT!!! after serveral retry, i almost gave up... then i say to my self... self... try it with 1.4.2._08, all the guide from people was from back where the sneak preview was release.... and people that has the problem posted in a week or two...

I installed 1.4.2_08... run the install... it took less than 1 hour! 57 minutes... my system config: AMD 64 3200+; 2G of RAM; 300G HD, Windows XP Pro SP2.

Hope that'll help some.