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Nov 12, 2005 at 09:50 AM

inserting more than one row of data to the table at the backend



I have an application, where i have to store 4 rows of data to the table in the back end.And as a result mail is generated displaying all the information. The table has 2 columns whcih can save n number of rows. This has to be doen in the component controller. I wrote this code:

Zxx_xxx_xxxx xyz=new Zxx_xxx_xxxx();




i have 4 rows to send, so the above 3 lines of the code i wrote as many time. Each time the field is to be set to a different string type variable, like campaign_C, campaign_D etc.

but when i ran this application, i get the mail but in the mail the last pair of values is repeated 4 times rather than displaying all 4 pairs of data.

can anybody please help as to what to do?

Thanks & regards,