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CX_SRT_WSP_CONFIG error during "2.2 Enable Connectivity"

Jan 19, 2017 at 02:08 AM


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System Details:

Solution Manager 7.2 SPS04

Sybase ASE 16

Windows Server 2012

ABAP and Java stacks were installed per the installation guides, and I am currently at the Infrastructure Preparation Step. During "2. Set Up Java Connectivity" > "2.2 Enable Connectivity", an error occurs during the Automatic Activity "Create Logical Ports"

Error Details:

Text(1): CX_URLAPI_URLEXCEPTION: Error Creating End Point

Long Text (1): Error Creating End Point

Text (2): CX_SRT_WSP_CONFIG: Error: Getting Service Definition 'E2E_DPC_PUSH' for registry 'SR_LOCAL' failed: Application Error: Application not registered with Application Key 00155D028D101ED6B7854E0BA34E40D9

This also happens for the service definitions:








When I attempt to re-execute the step "Create Logical Ports", we get this error for the service definitions:

Text (1): CX_URLAPI_URL_EXCEPTION: Error Creating End Point

Long Text (1): Error Creating End Point

Text (2): CX_SRT_WSP_CONFIG: Error: Deletion of binding '0155D028D101ED6B7B1E4351D4C40DA' from registry 'SR_LOCAL' failed: ApplicationError: System 00155D028D101ED6B7854E0BA34E40D9 does not exist.

Any attempt to delete the logical port manually in SOAMANAGER results in the above error as well.

To me it looks like there is an inconsistency with the Web Service automated configuration. Does anyone know if there is a way to delete them?

One thing I tried was to execute SRT_ADMIN_SYS_COPY to delete the Web Service Configuration data (per SAP Note 2318873. Even though this resolves the inconsistency, this causes a problem for the bgRFC configuration in System Preparation (Set Up Connections to SAP). That is, the "Inbound Service Destination" no longer works.

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1 Answer

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Former Member Jan 20, 2017 at 08:28 PM

This issue was resolved by re-initializing the Services Registry in SOAMANAGER.


  1. "Services Registry" tab > "Services Registry" link
  2. For each Services Registry Interface, click "Reinitialize"
  3. On SOAMANAGER main page, "Service Administration" tab > "Pending Tasks"
  4. Click "Rebuild List", then click "Process List"
  5. Try executing "Create Logical Ports" in SOLMAN_SETUP Infrastructure Preparation Step
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