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EPM Input template Ambiguity error for same member exists in 2 diemnsions

Jan 18, 2017 at 11:57 PM


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Hi Experts,

I am trying to do mass upload functionlity to aviod Insert members functionality in EPM input template using member recognation.

I have members exists in both dimensions Costcenter and Internal order. So i am getting

ambiguity error when click on the member recognaition. Is there anyway we can avoid

ambiguity error in INput template.

If i use flat file load and DM pacakge it will work but my business users prefred input using Input template rather than back ground process.

Any sugessions highly apprceiated.

Thanks in advance

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3 Answers

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Priyanka Jagtap Jan 19, 2017 at 05:43 AM

Hi S G,

As a best practice, its not advisable to have same ID's in different dimensions.....but still there are cases in which you cannot avoid such conditions. So what can be done in your case is.....since user is inputting the members is....For Costcenter ID's have a prefix as C_10000 or C10000 and for Internal Order with I_10000 or I10000 this way they will be unique! Descriptions can be same.....

On second thoughts doing mass upload this a bad option! Using member recognition for many members sometimes corrupts the template! You can give the user a offline input template to input with all the required combinations and they input only the required!(Distribution and Collection functionality)



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Vadim Kalinin Jan 19, 2017 at 07:25 AM

JP is 100% correct, prefix in the dimension member I'd is a standard solution. It will help not only for member recognition but in some epm formulas.

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Shekar Gunda Jan 25, 2017 at 08:42 PM

Thanks for ur reply Priyanka and Vadim.

I agree adding prefix to member this is will effect entire system level since we are using in lot of applications now i cann't not change members for one dimension. It looks like it is bug in found some notes related to simillar issue raised oss message .

Right now i built template with Costcenter selection but i couldn't do multiple costcentrs upload at a time but moving forward with this solution

until here some fix from SAP.

Thanks for your valubale inputs.

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"i cann't not change members for one dimension" - sorry, you have incorrectly configured master data and no fix from SAP will help you! SAP will not provide solution for incorrect settings...