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Mar 20, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Rule Policy and Mail Form- Based on Status of SR


In Mail Form under IC Manager role, we have maintained a Mail Form with Attributes for Service Request Tracking ID (Service Request Tracking Text under attribute category "Additional Attributes")

So when outgoing email is sent from IC, the Service Request number gets attached to the email that is being sent out.

We also having created a rule policy where we maintained that for any incoming email, if SR # has any value (i.e. anyone replies to the email with SR tracking text tag), it is routed to the Service request responsible (i.e. Employee Responsible for that SR)

But in the scenerio where, after the Service Request is closed, if the users reply back to the email (with this SR Tracking Text of a closed SR), the email is routed to the closed Service Request employee responsible, bacause of the above routing rules. This must be stopped.

Steps we tried:

(1) We tried to add SR Status as an attribute in the mail form. We have attribute "Service Request Status" under attribute category "ERMS fact based attributes", but if we select that attribute in the mail form, the Status of SR is not being picked when drafting email.

(2) Even if the Status of SR is picked correctly while drafting email, how will it solve the issue? We can create a Rule Policy that if SR status is closed, route to L1 and stop further processing. But, when email is sent out, the status will be either Open or In Process. But later if the SR is closed, the tag in the email will remain as Open or In Process only. So if there is an inbound email after the SR is actually closed, it will be still routed to the Employee Responsible because the tag in te email will be Open or In Process.

Please advise probable solution to solve this issue. If someone replies to a mail which has SR tracking ID and the SR is closed, the email must be routed to L1 agent and not to employee responsible of the closed SR.