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Mar 17, 2014 at 08:33 PM

Order Change Management Error.



I followed the document in the attached link In my material master i have assigned the profile as per document, created an ECM with a release key, made the BOM changes in reference to the ECM and then released the ECM. When i run COCM I get the following error "No search for proc. elements carried out for initiating object record 500000000003".

I have tried numerous things but I always get the same error. I have a few PP orders open for this material however nothing is appearing in COCM. Anything else I am missing?

I have also created the ECM and changed the BOM with this ECM and released this.

COCM Error.


SDN_MM03.png (40.8 kB)
SDN_CC03.png (65.5 kB)
SDN_COCM.png (26.3 kB)