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What ways are conceivable to install AIE-Tools?


out of my blog How to get your colleagues into ABAP in Eclipse it started a discussion why the installing of AIE-Tools is a lot of work.

Can it be done in an easier way?

In my opinion there are two ways:

First way is to have it, as delivered right now.

In my opinion it is a good way, for sure, not that easy if you do it the first time, but it is ok (my personal view)

Second way: Get a "All-in-One" Package delivered.

One download with a installer included, Start it -- be happy.

What ways are conveivable to install AIE-Tools, what do you think would be good (or the best) way to get the AIE-Tools installed?

A colleague and me just tried today, if it is a possible scenario to create a "out of the box" scenario. It is possible, so that means in bigger companies there is a scenario, that one goes through the installing-process and create the "Initial-version".

This advantage is just possible for the AIE Tool and not for the HANA-Studio. Maybe this is a good way to onboard others fast and easy.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 07:36 AM

    Our clear strategy for installing the SAP Development Tools for Eclipse is via the updatesite:

    SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

    As you can see in my blog SAP HANA Tools now also available on Eclipse Updatesite also the HANA Tools are now available there. So you get all tools that you need in one place.

    We are currently working on a paper that describes how you can setup a company internal updatesite for the eclipse tools. The result is than similar to

    The advantage is that you as an owner of the updatesite can decide when a new version should be shared within your company.

    Kind Regards,


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    • Hi Stephen, you needn't to install anything if you don't want. Just to copy all the .jar into the plugin folder and restart eclipse --> Done

      So you can configure it with a script to roll updates to the users. Just the path has to be known, but that shouldn't be a problemđŸ˜‰