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Mar 17, 2014 at 02:00 PM

Sending Zebra printer script through Adobe forms



I am on working on a requirement wherein we need to print the real time clock on Zebra printers.

We were able to achieve this using Smartform's 'Command' method.

I debugged the Smartform generated function module to see what it is doing and got to know that commands are being inserted into a table using FM 'SSFCOMP_SET_SPOOL_ATTRIBUTES'.

As we don't have command statement in Adobe forms I am following a different approach. I found a similar FM for adobe forms ' FPCOMP_ADD_SPOOL_ATTRIBUTES'. And manually calling this FM in in the initialization event of the form interface.This function module is inserting the commands same as smartforms but doesn't seems to reach the printer.

Is there is anything that i am doing wrong here ?

Can we send printer commands using Adobe forms?

Have any one tried sending printer commands (Zebra Printer) through adobe forms? If so how was it sent?

I tried different threads in here and on other blogs but didn't found solution specific to Adobe forms printer commands.

Any example will help here.

Thanks & Regards,

Uday S.


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