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Mar 17, 2014 at 01:20 PM

SOAP Error- Connection refused by remote host


Hi All,

I have a ECC to third party web service interface where I'm using Proxy on the sender side and web service on the receiver side.

I have configured all the necessary data in SOAP comm channel. Data is flowing through ECC and PI but on the receiver side the following error "Connection closed by remote host." has occurred.

I have posted the same issue sometime back in SDN and found out that the networking team has to add the firewall rule.

But my new issue is, since after all the setting done on networking side, I still see the same issue.

In receiver comm channel, I'm configuring the proxy to send the call outside the server. When I try to execute the payload in SOAP UI outside the company network I'm able to see the response back.

Please help!!

Thank you!!