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Nov 10, 2005 at 07:34 PM

SSCRFIELD : ONLI : Variant creation not possible


Hi all,

I have Selection Screen with pushbutton. And i have the User Command ONLI assigned to the Push Button. Since this allows me to reach Start of Selection.

At the Selection Screen Event, I am Capturing the ONLI when the User presses the Push Button and preforming some task.

The program works fine and well.


When I am trying to create the VARIANT for the Selection, SAP throws me out of the Transaction.

My Code:

In the Selection Screen Event, I have a CASE stmt that does:

1. When ucomm = ONLI

I am doing the required task

2. When ucomm = others

I am leaving the program

When the Ucomm is SPOS( U get this ucomm, When u press SAVE), I am obviously out of Transaction.

But i have to create a VARIANT.

How do i fullfill this requirement????



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