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Mar 14, 2014 at 05:09 PM

Following a blog post doesn't generate notifications of new comments


Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the mechanism, but recently I 'followed' a blog post, as I didn't (at that time) have any actual comment to make, but I was interested in seeing others' follow-up comments. However, I never received any notifications in my Communications tab, though I could see that many more comments were in fact being generated. Is this not what the 'Follow' button is supposed to do, allow notifications without having to comment oneself?

Unfortunately, I've now actually made my own comment, which has resulted in follow-up comments creating notifications as expected, so I can't really test whether the functionality is still not working the way I expected it to. However, if someone can enlighten me as to my understanding of this feature, I'd be grateful.

I did see this discussion () which is similar, but not exactly the same issue. I wonder if something like what was happening then is happening now?

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