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Nov 10, 2005 at 06:25 PM

Archiving R/3 Data and the Impact on BW



We are preparing to do our very first round of R/3 archiving and have several questions about the impact of that archiving activity on our existing BW system. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

1. Is there a cross-reference that matches archiving objects (such as EC_PCA_ITM) to the BW extractors that are impacted? For example, archiving object SD_VBRK affects billing documents which should impact the 2LIS_13 extractors. Is there documentation on which extractors might be impacted by which archiving objects?

2. For delta-capable extractors, does the archiving of the R/3 data generate any delta records in the extractor? For example, does archiving (and then deleting) an invoice document in R/3 generate a delta record in the SD extractors to zero out that invoice document in BW?

3. Do you have any advice about how to keep the archived data in BW once it's been archived in R/3, specifically for full-only extractors? For example, extractor 0EC_PCA_1 (Profit Center Transaction Data) does not support init/delta loading. We currently empty the cube and do a full reload each day. This won't work once the data's been archived from R/3 (it'll be gone from BW as well). There are several options for making the archived data available for reporting in BW. Does anyone have suggestions?

I really appreciate your consideration on these questions and look forward to your informed views.


David Eady

SI Corporation