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Nov 10, 2005 at 05:33 PM

IPermission vs IAclPermission



I want to create a Read permisson on a folder for a certain user. I want to do this because I only want to make the folder visible for certain users.

I checked out the forum for how to set IAclPermissions on resources and all KM documentation. For instance see:

Setting Service Permissions with KM API

My interpretation is that these IAclPermissions can be used to change read, write etc permissions for the item itself.

But what happens is they show up in the end as being service permissions (in the Detail pop-up). I guess that's the way it is. But how then do I change the read write etc. permissions on the item itself so that they will show up in the Permission section of the Details (instead of the Service permission section)? This is important for me because adding them as a Permission (= non-Service permission) is the only way to control visibility in the Navigation iView.

Do I have to set IPermissions instead of IAclPermissions on a resource? and if so how do I change IPermissions on a resource?