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Nov 10, 2005 at 04:44 PM

Some questions about creating a custom InfoObject


Get some questions when creating a custom InfoObject

1. Under General tab

What is the functionality of the checkbox “Lowercase letters”? I check the help on this field:

"If this flag is set, upper case and lower case are distinguished when you enter values with screen masks.

Otherwise all the letters entered will be converted to upper case when you enter values with a screen mask.

This mechansim is in effect for all the fields referring to this domain."

What does that mean by screen mask?

Also if the value of the Covers. Rout. field is ALPHA, I know that external field format should be converted into internal format, but could someone give me some sample code (maybe a function) to do the convert and also where the code should be placed?

2. Under Master data/texts tab

There is a a checkbox called "InfoSource with Direct Update" with an "Application Component" input field. I check help on this field and it says "Characteristic is an InfoSource with Direct Update". What does that mean if a Characteristic is an InfoSource?

Also under Master data/texts tab, sometimes I find for some custom InfoObjects, the checkbox "With Master data" is checked, sometimes the checkbox "With texts" is checked, and sometimes neither of them is checked. If neither of them is checked, then what kind of characteristic it is?