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Design view disappears when I uncheck Restrict Page Occurrence

Dear Adobe Forms Experts,

I have an Adobe print form with two master pages: one mailing address page that should only occur once, as the first page, and then the main page, which can occur many times. I have been asked to make the mailing page conditional, based on the company code of the invoice. I followed a very useful discussion on SCN explaining how to do this with a HIDEPAGE global variable, wrapping all the fields on the page in a subform, and doing some FormCalc scripting for the subform.

I was able to get the page to print as blank when the HIDEPAGE flag was set, but so far I have been unable to get the mailing page to go away altogether.

I noticed that on the mailing page the "Restrict Page Occurrence" checkbox was checked, and the Min count was set to 1. Well, I thought, that could explain it; I'll just uncheck the "Restrict page Occurrence" checkbox, and all will be right with the world!

Wrong! When I uncheck that checkbox, the Design View for my mailing master page disappears, and the mailing page never prints, regardless of the state of my HIDEPAGE global variable! When I recheck the checkbox, the design view reappears, and the mailing page goes back to printing a blank page when my HIDEPAGE flag is set.

What in the world is going on here?! What am I doing wrong?



P.S. I am using Adobe LiveCycle Designer 9.0, and I believe the form was originally created using 9.0

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    Mar 14, 2014 at 02:45 PM

    Hello Terry,

          Keep the "Restrict Page Occurrence" checked as it was before. Now coming to the main problem, what I understand is that, the mailing page content is being hidden successfully but the mailing page is still appearing blank. And you want this mailing page to go away(not appear at all) when the Hide page flag is set or even if the mailing page is blank.

    Remember that the entire mailing page will go away only when the sub form is in the design view(body page). It will not work if the sub form is in the master page. If the sub form is the design view, and if it is hidden based on condition and if there is nothing left to show on the content area of 1st page, then the framework itself deletes this entire mailing page instance. So you will not even get the blank page.

    So just check whether the sub form of Mailing Page on which you have written the code is in the Design View(Body Page). And also make sure that you are not hiding only the fields in the sub form. But you should hide the entire sub form. Only then it will work good.

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    • Sonja Henie's tutu! I figured it out! Amazingly (or maybe not surprisingly) it came back to the original issue in the title of this discussion. I originally thought that I had to get rid of that "Min Occurrences" of 1 that was specified on the MAIL master page. But when i did that, it messed up the design view for the page.

          Well, I realize now, after lo these many days of struggle, that the original problem was caused by the fact that there was no design view for the mailing page. Now that I have a proper design view for the mailing page, unchecking the min occurrences checkbox has no affect on the design view--and it makes it so the page completely disappears when the D_HIDE_PAGE flag is set!

          So, to recap, the issues I encountered, and their resolutions, are as follows:

      1. Problem: MAIL master page did not have a proper design view. Resolution: I right-clicked on the "data" node at the very top of the Hierarchy pallette, and chose "insert sub form", then moved the new subform to the top of the design view area in the hierarchy (just below, and at the same hierarchy level as, the (Master Pages) node).

      2. Problem: even after doing everything just the way it should be, I still got a blank page for the MAIL page. Resolution: on the Object pallette for the MAIL master page, in the "Restrict Page Occurrences" section, I unchecked "Min count" (which had been set to "1") and entered "1" for "Max Count" (since this page should never overflow beyond one page anyway).

      And now it works as desired: when I print an invoice where the conditions are not met to set the D_HIDE_PAGE flag, I get the mailing page; when I print an invoice where the flag gets set, that first page, the mailing page, disappears completely from the printout!

          Hooray! Thank you, Pavan, for sticking with me through the arduous process. As is so often the case, struggling through this process has taught me WAY more about Adobe Forms than I ever would have learned it it had worked properly to begin with.

      Cheers to all,