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Nov 10, 2005 at 02:56 PM

Receiver Determination


In the Receiver Determination, I need some clarification.

Let us Say I want to Send a Message to Receiver-A (Interface Determination 1, to a File ) and to Receiver-A (Using Interface Determination 2 , To a mail). But I am getting a Syntax Error that the object already exists.

I have just provided snap shot of the Receiver Determination Screen in Integration Directory.

Service : SenderService

Interface: SenderInterface

Namespace :

Configured Receivers


Condtion Party Service



Configuration Overview Receiver Determination



  • Receiver

Receiver Mapping Agreement


ReceiverService-1 Mapping-1 FileAdapter

(InterfaceDetermination 1)

ReceiverService-1 Mapping-2 MailAdapter.

(InterfaceDetermination 2)