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Stability of blog editor is questionable

Hi community,

today I had a real bad morning because of the blog editor in the new community.

I only wanted to do some minor changes in an existing blog but it ended with really high blood pressure at the end.

So after I did the changes the editor lost the assignment of the blog to the main tag “ABAP development”.

When I tried to publish the changes it was blocked because of that issue. Maintaining of the tag assignment was not possible as the input field

for the tag was not editable. So it was a deadlock and I lost all my changes to the blog. Sorry, but this is a no go!

Also the draft concept didn’t work because I did not have the authorization to look into the draft.

Could you please improve the stability of this infrastructure. A colleague told me that she never uses the editor to write blogs.

She just copies the content from word into the blog editor. Is this really what SAP customers expect from us as a software company?

By the way: I did the copy/paste way for this question :-)



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2 Answers

  • Jan 19, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    Hi colleagues,

    I'm really sorry for these issues - we've had issues with our cache servers for the Blogs platform which in the end lead to issues which you describe. It's hard to reproduce as it only occurs from time to time and a post-mortem analysis didn't reveal the one single responsible issue. However, we've integrated some improvements - the most recent one will arrive just today - and keep on working on this. Please keep on reporting when you come across these issues!

    Concerning Answers there was a change yesterday and the day before concerning session timeouts which had side effects which couldn't be reproduced on our test systems. Changes have been reverted and the system should be back to normal. Also here, we continue to investigate...

    Thanks for your understanding and best regards,


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  • Jan 19, 2017 at 09:35 AM

    No questions - it's not stable :) And it's close to impossible to get required formatting results with the editor tools!

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