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Nov 10, 2005 at 09:58 AM

Help!!! Blank Window inplace of PDF window


Hi Friends,

We need to show the PDF on a external window. We get the PDF content from ABAP in byte[] format. Infact we are able to get the this done using the FileDownload Control, where we are able to open the PDF, save with perfect content.

BUT problem is with the scenario where we dont want the file download dialog, simply popup should open and the pdf should be shown.

Somehow from the forums we got the code and implemented the same, BUT the problem is we are able to get popup external window but its BLANK., i mean we are not getting the PDF.. not even ADOBE ACROBAT is loading.

Please help!!! We are struggling from past 3 days...!!! Your help would be valuable...!!!

<i><b>try {

IWDWebResource pdfResource=WDWebResource.getWebResource(




wdComponentAPI.getWindowManager().createExternalWindow(pdfResource.getURL(),"receipt view",true).open();

} catch (WDURLException e) {




Raghavendra P