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Mar 11, 2014 at 01:12 PM

Customized physical inventory upload with serial number


Hello SAP gurus,

My client have a requirement for physical inventory upload in bulk.

Their requirement is - they will create physical inventory document using MI31 and MIE1.

Then they will take printout of these documents- will add physical count into it.

Then they want upload this file to post difference.

They don't want to do it manually as they have large amount of data.

They also want to incorporate serial number in it.

My query is as we are posting difference using z-program with serial number-

1.if one material with serial number have stock 10 in unrestricated and 5 in quality.

different serial numbers are assigned to unrestricted an quality stock. At the time of entering count e.g.for Unrestricted if physical stock is 11 .

then system will ask for 11 serial numbers. they will provide 1 serial number for extra material which we can fetch from file.

But as we are doning in background , we want pick 10 serial numbers for existing material and again assign them. Same scenario may be for quality.

From where (table) I can find these serial numbers assigned to unrestricted and quality stock to pick and again assign to them?

2. I have query regarding physical inventory count for special stock e.g. sales order specific stock.

In which case special stock in SAP may differ from physical stock?

If in any sales order have 5 qty of material and in storage location have stock 4 or 6 for that sales order.

Correct me if I am wrong, because I am not able to understand physical inventory for special stock?

3. I got error for a special stock material i.e. sales order specific material under quality and with serial number- When I am trying to post

physical inventory differnce , then system gives me error - You can't post differences as serial requirement is set.

Post it by 711,712,713,714.

Why this error popup?