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Mar 11, 2014 at 02:12 AM

EAM Issue


Hi All,

I am configuring EAM for SAP ECC and SAP TM (Transportation Management) systems.

We are using ID based de-centralized configuration. We are on SP13

For ECC everything is working fine.

For TM everything is setup. User logged into Firefighter ID. SAP TM users access system by executing Tcode NWBC and then access links in the NWBC UI.

Here i am facing a issue.

When i execute Tcode NWBC from my UserID, it directly opens the NWBC screen and shows the role menu available for my UserID.

When i execute Tcode NWBC from FFID, it is opening the login screen for authentication. Since we are using ID based approach, all our FF IDs are service UserIDs and also FFID user exit has been maintained for those. Actually speaking when i run NWBC from FFID, it should take me directly to NWBC screen instead of login screen.

Please help with your expertise in understanding the cause for this issue.

If you need additional details also let me know

Thanks in advance.