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Nov 09, 2005 at 10:47 PM

File To IDOC Thru XI


Scenario File ===> XI ===> R/3 ( IDOC) ASynchrnous.

In the Sender File we have more than 2000 Employee Records/rows and this file is Comma Delimited, this is aFixed file format.. We are going to send this file every Monday. This File resides in the UNIX Server. Whether an UNIX Script will Trigger this Process?

How should I Trigger this process, that is how should I send all these 2000 records from the Sender system to XI .

Inside XI should I need to define a Multiline Container to hold all these 2000 records, before we send it to R/3 or if there is any other better way to hold these records inside XI?

So once we send these 2000 records to R/3, who will take care of the Posting? if there is any special routine that will be triggered at r/3 side to take care of these new incoming records?

We are on WAS 6.40, SP 12. This means on the receiver side I can very well go for a Proxy (communication Channel) , instead of the IDOC (Receiver) Adapter. If you say I can go for the proxy, then what are all the steps that I need to keep in my mind or How should I do this Proxy?

Thanks a lot.