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Dear Experts,

Jan 18, 2017 at 03:49 PM


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I'm a new with CBTA and I've a problem with Script creation. Could you please advice?

RFC is ok, the Test Profile was entered (my actual user with activ password for SUT) , SDC is also created. By clicking on "launch CBTA" I get the following:

What is missing?

Thank you in advance!



cbta-error.png (130.7 kB)
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You might want to change the title. "Dear Experts" is more likely to get the post reported to moderator than answered.

Also post the actual error message as text and in English, if possible. If someone is searching for the same error in future they'll be able to find this post then. It's not feasible to search in the screenshots. And the error text is barely readable on my laptop screen.

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1 Answer

Ajay Hoskote Somashekar
Jul 20 at 02:45 PM

Hello Elena,

Did you check if the RFC is working ? Also the SUT information is maintained and the login information is working ?

Are you able to launch the executable by clicking on it.



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