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Mar 08, 2014 at 04:21 PM

MultiSelect field is displayed extra wide in IdM UI after Portal update (IdM 7.2 SP8)


Hello community,

it's time again, I need your help with a very strange IdM issue.

My problem:

Our 7.31 portal was just (read: today) updated from SP6 to SP10. Now my IdM is not only ignoring the portal theme (which I need to look into, too), but is displaying MultiSelect fields with a width, that seems to find no end.

The scrollbar looks like this,when I look at a UI mask with a MultiSelect field:

And when I scroll completly to the right, the rows of the field will go on and on and on for quite some time and then end (circa in the middle of the page) and then I can scroll the rest of the page with just seeing the background and at the end I find the arrows, but no second field with the selected values (even when I click on the arrows):

I can select a value and add it via the arrows, then save and it will perform normally, what the mask is for, so the field itself is working, it's just the display, that is totally wonky.

Some comments:

1. My user has admin rights in portal and IdM.

2. I'm using IE 9 to look at this mess, with Firefox 23.0.1 everything looks like it should.

My question(s):

Pretty simple at that... what's going on? 😕 I've never seen the IdM (mis)behave like this and it looks like it's just the case in the IE.

Has anyone of you guys an idea, what could be wrong here?

Could this be connected to the issue, that the IdM (and other webdynpro applications like the UWL) don't use the portal theme anymore?

I fixed this by implementing SAP-note 1910490, so no connection there.



Message was edited by: Steffi Warnecke Fixed the theme-problem and updated the post accordingly.