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Mar 07, 2014 at 06:09 PM

Serial Profile "2 Inconsistencies in stock data - error" is NOT validating GR&GI


Hi Gurus,

I have the following scenario:

1.- We have customized in OIS2 a Serial Profile (X001) and added the following Serializing procedures:

  • MMSL - Maintain goods receipt and issue doc. 03 02
  • PPAU - Serial numbers in PP order 03 02
  • PPRL - PP order release 03 02

2.- We have selected in StkCk option "2 Inconsistencies in stock data - Error"

3.- We create material "TEST" with Serial Profile (X001)

4.- We GR (561) the material TEST with serial 111

5.- We create an Order for material TEST

6.- We GI (261) the material TEST serial 111

7.- We GR (501) material TEST serial 111

System is allowing me to GR the same serial against the same material. We are working with PM Orders and these materials (equipments) that we GI in the future will be uninstalled (262) and will come back to our Storage Location. We cannot have 2 same serial numbers against the same material (equipment).

Do I need to customize anything else?